Wedding Gowns

The Styles of Wedding Gowns

The style of your wedding gown will be another very important decision that must be made in order to ensure the perfect look. How do you know what style you should choose? There are some styles that look better on certain figures than others.

There are styles that are better for the type of wedding you are having as well. If your wedding is going to be more of a casual type, you will want to choose a style that does not look too formal. If however, it is going to be a formal wedding a casual style is not the best choice.

There are basic styles of wedding gowns that you will want to consider. Making the best choice of a style for your wedding dress will be essential to the way you will look on your wedding day.

The Empire Waist
One of the most worn designs for many years is the empire waist style. This style hugs the bust and then falls straight down below the bust. Since it emphasizes the bust line this style of dress should be worn by someone with a smaller bust rather than a large one. The rest of the dress falling in a straight line also helps those with heavier hips by making them look slimmer.

The Mermaid
Appropriately called the mermaid dress because of the shape from the knees down which flares out after being tight fitting from the knees up, this dress can have a train or not. This style of dress looks best on those who have smaller waists. It also gives the illusion of height due to the shape. In addition, a smaller bust is required to pull off this look.

The Hourglass
Another dress that resembles the name, the hourglass is for those with a larger bust, a slim waist and average size hips. The dress is perfect for those with an hourglass figure. The top can be quite decorative or just plain.

The Sheath
This dress style fits snugly with the length ending right above the knees. The sheath style is a choice that looks really well on someone with slimmer hips and long legs. The dress will accentuate the figure without adding a lot of extra details. This is a simple, but elegant look.

The A-Line
A dress with a form that looks like an A, the style is smaller at the top and flares as it goes down from the waist to the hem. This look is one that is best on women who have problem areas such as the waist and the hips. This dress is a classic look.

There are various other styles that can be found if none of the above is exactly what you had in mind. However, you should remember that the style is going to have to be one that will show off your best features and hide the ones that are not so great. Trying the dress on will be one way of seeing first hand what it looks like on your figure.