Wedding Fashion

What is the latest in wedding fashion? The look the bride projects as she walks down the aisle is becoming more of a personal choice than a strict ‘one of a kind’ look that must be worn. The fashion statement made is individual to each bride.

The Dress
When it comes to wedding fashion, there are many types and colors that will be considered for the wedding dress. Not all brides want to wear white. The choice of another color is no longer the big deal it was in the past. Brides today are wearing pastel colors and varying shades of white.

The key to choosing the right color for your gown is your skin tone. If your skin is very fair, you may choose a white that is not quite so bright. On the other hand, darker skin tones look great in a bright white.

Likewise the style of the dress will be another consideration. The different body types should be the main consideration when choosing the right dress. If you have a problem area, find the dress that will not accentuate this feature.

The height of the bride is another issue. If you are petite, choose something that will not overwhelm your small frame. Probably the main consideration will be the comfort of the dress. Since you will be wearing this dress for a number of hours, you will want to find something that is not uncomfortable and restricting.

The Veil
There is no hard and fast rule that says all brides must wear a veil. Many brides decide on flowers for their hair. Other want hair clips with an attached material such as lace. Modern wedding fashion is revisiting the days when birdcage veils were in style.

The Jewelry
When it comes to wedding fashion, the dress is not the only issue. The jewelry you wear on your wedding day is another choice that can be considered according to the preferences of the bride. Some brides like gold, some like silver. Others prefer pearls.

The heirloom jewelry that has been handed down through the family is another choice often made by brides. This is another area that is dependent upon skin tone. Try the necklace or earrings you want to wear with the dress before making a decision.

The Shoes
Flats, small heels and tall heels are all a consideration for wedding fashion. Although, if you are tall, you may not want to wear a really high heel as this could make you taller than the groom. They will have to be tried on with the dress as well so the length of the dress is just right. Remember, you will be standing for a while and very high heels may become quite uncomfortable.

If you choose to wear a shawl or a wrap, this can be a wonderful addition to your gown. This is a wedding fashion that has been around for many years. There are many styles from which to choose, so make sure the one you decide to wear compliments your dress.

Your bag is another accessory that you will want to choose wisely. Evening bags in silver or gold are popular. White is another color that will work. The bag does not have to be large as this will be an accessory rather than an actual bag.

The wedding fashion statement that you make will be a combination of all of these aspects coming together in just the right way.