How To Save Money On Your Wedding Dress?

Its enough getting the wedding jitters not only about your impending marriage but your wedding budget too. Most of us would love to have a wedding that will be remembered, hopefully for the right reasons. In the midst of excitement and anticipation there’s the possibility of forgetting about that persistent nagging reminder in the back of your mind, the “B” word, budget. As much as we may dislike limiting our wedding desires to a few numbers, unfortunately or fortunately in some instances that’s the reality. Here are a few budget tips that won’t have you biting your nails when the bill finally arrives.

Stick To Your Budget
I know its hard but if you planned on spending [$3000.00] on your wedding for example set aside 10% of that amount for your dress. You’re sure to find something decent for [$300.00] in today’s market.

Don’t Overspend
Save up for your wedding dress. Remember that regardless of the price of your dress what’s in your heart is worth more. Unless you have an innate talent for couture buying, an expensive wedding dress that you will try to make into a cocktail dress later on is not worth the hassle. Except if you plan on wearing your wedding dress more than once by chance? Start off right by making smart financial planning resolutions.

Pay Attention To The Cut Of The Dress
Do you really need the beaded bodice, with the Swarovski stone trimming? Its possible to find a wedding dress that will flatter you without the extra fancy work. Plus it’s the cut or shape and how well it fits that will draw the most attention. Heck, you can find some fancy lingerie that could pass for a sweet wedding dress, its been done and pulled off with aplomb.

Buy From A Sample Sale
Check the papers and online for sample sales in your area. If you’re willing to travel a bit (besides, it is your wedding day) check the surrounding areas as well.

Search Online
If you can’t find it here, you won’t find it anywhere. Only drawback is if you order is from a website and the dress is delivered but doesn’t fit properly it can really ruin your mood. So its not a first choice. However, for affordable wedding accessories or any items not dependant on size, shopping online is a great way to save money.

If you can find a really talented, qualified seamstress that can make something similar to what you may have found in a magazine or online grab him/her. If they’re not going to charge you an arm and a leg, go for it.

Those are a few of the key tips when budgeting for your wedding dress. Others include shopping at a chain store, renting a gown, borrowing or buying a wedding dress second hand, Ebay is a great place to start!