Flower Girl Dresses

The flower girl plays an important part in the wedding by signaling the arrival of the bride. Typically she will carry a basket of flower petals which she will scatter on the aisle the bride walks down. The flower girl is usually fairly young but old enough to handle this responsibility.

The dress worn by the flower girl can be a tea length dress rather than formal. One of the things focused on for the flower girls dresses is comfort. The dress should not be uncomfortable as this will make for a cranky flower girl. The dress and shoes are two of the most important aspects to ensure a happy flower girl.

One mistake many people make is choosing a flower girl dress for an older girl and having it altered to fit. The flower girl is typically a young girl and making her look older should not be the goal of the dress. There are many styles designed for young girls – formal and casual – that will look adorable on the little one chosen by the bride to be her flower girl.

Choosing a flower girl dress that is similar in a material to the bride’s dress is a choice many people make. The simpler styles look best on children. Keep in mind as well; the dress should not be tight. A loose fit is better. When children’s clothes are tight and constricting, they are not very happy.

Color coordinate them with the bride’s dress. If she is wearing white, this would be the color that should be chosen for the flower girls dress. Another good color is ivory although if the bride has chosen to wear another color besides white, matching a pale version of the same color is a good look.

The season should be another consideration. Depending upon the time of year the wedding is held, the dress should be made of the appropriate material. A material that is too heavy will feel uncomfortable during the summer months. Likewise a material that is too thin will not be a good choice for a winter wedding.

The accessories for the flower girl could include a hairpiece made from flowers that are complimentary to the dress and the bride. The simpler the hair accessories are, the better they will look. A ribbon or single flower will actually work just as well. If the flower girl wants to wear a necklace, it should be small and simple.

The shoes should be a match for the dress and often in a winter wedding; leggings are worn for the warmth they provide. In addition, a matching jacket can be worn or taken along in case the flower girl gets cold. A summer wedding can also require some type of jacket, even if it is a thin one, especially for evening weddings.

The main thing to remember when choosing flower girl dresses for your wedding is to remember that she is only a little girl. She is not a smaller version of a grown-up. Choose something that is age appropriate and that makes her look adorable. She is an important part of your wedding and as such, you want her to look her best.