Couture Wedding Dresses

Do you want your wedding to be perfect? Of course you do, so this is all the more reason for going a couture gown. When speaking of wedding couture or bridal couture, this simply means the wedding dress is designer. Not only is the dress made by a designer but it is made from the very beginning to the end by a couture designer who measures and sews each piece of the material chosen for the gown to fit your exact measurements.

What is a Couture Gown?
The very best designer wedding gown involves choosing the fabric, the embellishments and anything else related to the dress. The measurements and fittings and producing the wedding gown that is perfectly fitted to the bride to be are all part of the process, which is quite time consuming. However, when it is finished, the end result is a custom-made wedding gown that fits you perfectly.

Couture wedding dresses are becoming all the rage today. Originally this word came from the French word ‘Haute Couture’. Meaning high dressmaking or high sewing, the word was used in France to describe the fashion houses there that were exclusive.

As a matter of fact, not just anyone could use this word when advertising their goods. Those who were allowed to use ‘Haute Couture’ in their advertising had to meet specific conditions. The clothing that was sold by those who were allowed to use this term had to be those who designed clothing made for private clients to their specifications.

The true couture wedding dresses are quite costly. Not only do they cost several thousands of dollars, but you have to find a couture designer that is well known. In addition, they have to be willing to custom design and make a couture wedding dress just for you.

Why is the couture wedding gown such an important aspect of some brides? The knowledge that the dress they are wearing fits them perfectly and is exactly the type of wedding dress they have wanted since they were young is more important to some brides than others.

The other option of buying a wedding dress already made and having it altered is not the same. For one thing, the dress has been designed, the material cut and sewn together to make the dress that you are considering buying. Even once it is altered; it is not going to fit the same as one that has been made specifically to your measurements.

Although most people will tell you couture means high end or expensive as in the cost of hiring a designer to make a wedding gown exclusively for you, the word actually means ‘made to measure’. The meaning has been used for many different aspects of dress making. However, if it is used correctly the meaning is the dress that is made to fit one person and one person only.

One option that is being used today by many is finding a virtual couture online. This is done by finding a bridal couture service that will make a custom wedding dress for your wedding. Your measurements will actually have to be taken by a professional tailor and sent to the couture to ensure the dress will fit perfectly.

While this may not be a requirement of all women, there are those that find this is the best way to have the wedding dress they want. If the importance of having a custom designed wedding gown is just one thing that you will not compromise on, there are ways to find a couture to make the dress for your wedding. It may take a little perseverance, but more women than ever are turning to this method of ensuring they have the wedding gown that fits them perfectly.