Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dresses should be beautiful, but not too overwhelming. The wedding gown is going to be the one all eyes are on, so the bridesmaid dresses must take a back seat to the most important one. They should, however coordinate with the wedding gown so the desired outcome is achieved. In order for this to happen, there are certain guidelines that must be followed.

Ensuring the Right Style for all of your Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids dresses should not all be the same style. The body types of your bridesmaids should be considered, because the style that looks great on one may not compliment the other at all. Everyone does not have the same body type and finding the style of dress that will allow everyone to look their best while matching the wedding gown is not an easy task.

Choosing one color that will fit the theme of the wedding and selecting different styles is one way the problem can be solved. Each bridesmaid can wear the same color dress – they may be an a-line style, an empire waist or a sheath style depending upon the one that fits their body type. This will allow the best look for your wedding party.

When considering the length of the dresses if they are not all going to be floor length, they should be measured by where they will fall in relation to the wearer’s knees. Rather than measuring the length from the floor up, measuring from the knees will allow all of them to be the same length on the women that are wearing them. This will be a more uniform look.

Shorter women will look even shorter when they wear a dress that is floor length. This is a good reason for not choosing floor length dresses for your bridesmaids unless they are average height or above.

Another thing to take into consideration is that unless all the bridesmaids have firm upper arms, a sleeveless or off the shoulder dress will not be a good look for them. To solve this problem a dress with sleeves can disguise this area.

Complimenting the Wedding Dress

Choosing the same type of material for all the dresses is another way of coordinating them so the look will be perfect. Since they should compliment the wedding gown rather than take attention away from it, the material and the embellishments should be similar but on a smaller scale. For example, if the wedding dress will be mostly lace and pearls, the bridesmaids dress should have minimal lace and a few pearls.

The secret to choosing the right bridesmaid gowns is to find just the right ones to look great, but not outshine the bride’s dress. The attention should be focused on the bride rather than other participants in the wedding party.

Often the bridesmaids will want to choose a gown they can wear again. Since they are usually fairly expensive, buying a dress for a single occasion can be a strain on the budget. The bride will have the ultimate say on the dresses for the bridesmaids, but a simple style that can be worn again is a good choice.