Bridal Wear

The bridal wear will include all the items worn by the bride on her big day. Of course, the most important of all will be the dress. This should be chosen with a sense of style and color that is the bride’s preference as well as the perfect fit. This is the number one piece of bridal wear that will be worn by the bride. That is the reason so much time is spent on choosing the wedding dress.

A Veil or Tiara

The veil is another aspect of wedding attire that will have to be considered. There are several types available and it will need to match the dress in order to complete the look of the bride. If you would rather not wear a veil, the option of a tiara is another choice.

The veil is often not chosen because it hides the bride’s face and she has probably spent quite a bit of time on her makeup. The tiara is an excellent choice for brides with long or short hair. They can be enhanced with the use of jewelry worn in the hair. This could include combs or clips with the same jewels that are used in the tiara.

Bridal Shoes

One choice for the shoes you wear on the day of your wedding would be to match them to your dress. If you are going to be wearing a white dress, white shoes would be appropriate. The choice of wearing heels or pumps is a matter of preference and the height of the bride.

Often if the bride is on the short side, she wants to wear heels to give the impression of being a little taller. This will also depend on the style of dress being worn. If it is a flowing dress the option of heels is probably going to be the best look. The taller bride on the other hand may want to wear something that does not add to her height.

The Jewelry

Again, this accessory is a matter of what the bride prefers. Often a mother or mother-in-law will give the bride jewelry that has been handed down in the family. If the necklace or earrings match your dress, they can be worn without a problem. One of the standard necklaces of brides are pearls. They are a timeless tradition when it comes to weddings.


The undergarments worn by the bride can include a corset. These are becoming popular again because they have advantages for the bride who is slender as well as a heavier bride. For the slender bride, the corset can add some curves where she may need help.

If the bride is a little on the heavy side, the corset can help get rid of some of the problem areas. In addition, brides often wear a garter for throwing after the wedding is over. The garter is associated with good luck for the couple and often a picture is taken before removing it for a keepsake.

The Bag

Another accessory that is carried by the bride is a small bag just to hold a few essentials. This bag should also match the ensemble being worn. The best match is for the bag to be of the same general style as the shoes being worn. This is more of an accessory than an actual need.