Bridal Gowns Colour

One of the things you will find happening more today when it comes to bridal gowns is the bride is foregoing the traditional. Choosing a gown that she prefers is becoming more of the norm than sticking with the same style and colors of the brides of the past.

The bridal traditional dress used to be white and was adorned with pearls or was made from a lace material. The veil was white and it did not matter if the bride looked good in white or not. Today tradition is being thrown to the wind and bridal gowns are gaining something unheard of in the past – color.

One of the newest looks is black. Not totally black, but black and white has shown a distinctive new look in bridal gowns. The typical use of black is as an accent. After all, the bride does not want to look as if she is attending a funeral. Designers are adding black as an accessory to white bride dresses. A piece of ribbon, a sash or another accessory to be wrapped around the bodice of the dress or the waist is in fashion now.

In addition to black, many designers are choosing pastel colors such as blues and greens. The colors are subtle. They are not a full blown blue or green. The object is for the dress to still look like a bridal gown – just not white. This is another change that brides are making as they decide to add their personal style to the bridal dress they choose.

One color that is not as prevalent as the softer pastel colors is red. Although it is not chosen a lot, there are those who are deciding on red for their bridal gown. If you do not want to go with total red, the option of adding red as an embellishment to the bridal gown is one choice. Red beading is being used as one way of doing this.

Designer bridal gowns are being created using gold as a color to add to white, blue and a pale yellow. This is a look that has recently become popular for bridal dresses. The embellishments being used are not the typical small ones you would think of using either. They are large printed or sewn designs that are repeated throughout the bridal dress.

Many brides are using the seasons for choosing colors for their wedding gowns. The spring inspires pale pastels. Blue, pink, purple and lilac are just a few of the ones being used. Summer is warmer and the colors being worn are warm as well.

Using pastels for their bridal gowns, but in a deeper color is the new look for summer brides. The fall will allow fall colors to shine through. Gold, yellow, red and orange are all great fall colors and many brides are using these colors in their wedding attire.

Winter is the season for red and blue and of course, the new look in wedding gowns – black. Silver is another color that is making a statement for weddings. The choice of color for your wedding gown should be a personal preference. The traditional white is fine if that is what you want, but the choices are available should you decide to go with something other than traditional.