A Guide to Wedding Shoes

If you are like most brides, wedding shoes are not at the top of your list. You know you need them, will have to pick a pair, but are more concerned about your dress. The shoes you ultimately choose will be based on the dress you are wearing, the amount you have to spend and your personal preference.

Still others feel that the shoes are very important and want to wear shoes that are both pretty and comfortable. Since they will be standing in them for several hours, this is going to be an important feature when looking for shoes. Many brides have their shoes dyed to match their dress and this is a lovely look.

Should You Buy Designer Wedding Shoes?

Some brides decide on designer wedding shoes as part of their wedding day attire. There are several designer brands that make elegant shoes. In addition to being the perfect look they are also made using very fine detail. One designer is Piotr Antoni. Their bridal shoes are designed to be the perfect touch for the bride and bridesmaids.

The choice of colors, such as silver, champagne, ivory and white make matching them to the dress easy. They have a wide range of shoes that each has their own unique features so finding the right ones is not a difficult task.

Another choice in designer wedding shoes is Badgley Mischka. Their shoes are an elegant style that will be the perfect touch for the bride. The fabrics used are the best quality which allows the bride to choose the best style and color for her dress. The bridesmaids will also enjoy choosing from this designer brand to compliment their dress.

Color the Shoes to Match the Dress

Wedding shoes are normally made from a material that allows them to be dyed so they can match the bridal gown. This may include a silk satin that is white with leather soles. The choice of styles can be anything from a low, medium or high heel.

The colors chosen to dye the shoes will be the best match to the wedding dress. If the bride has chosen to wear a pastel color rather than the traditional white, the shoes can be dyed to match. Often the shoes can be dyed at the place of purchase. There are many different colors from which to choose and among the colors are various shades of each.

For example, if you have decided to have blue shoes, the colors may include a robin’s egg blue, a soft pastel or even a royal blue. There are many shades available no matter what color wedding gown you have decided to wear.

When purchasing your shoes, where is the best place to find them? Should you buy online or should you go to a bridal shop? The choice can be much more varied if you shop online. You will have literally thousands available to peruse. If you purchase from a bridal shop they will have a good assortment and can special order them if you find a pair you absolutely adore.

One choice that many brides are making is Amore Bridal Shoes. With a new system the bride can choose the shoes she wants instantly using an Amore distributor. This allows the fitting of the wedding dress to go as planned without chasing around trying to find the shoes that will be worn first. The time before the wedding is quite hectic and running from shop to shop trying to find the right shoes can be a headache.