What to Look for in Choosing a Jeweler for Your Jewelry Repair

Buying jewelry only happens a few times in our lives, yet those times can be the very moments that are filled with most emotional significance. Unfortunately, every now and then, our pieces of jewelry go through wear and tear or even small accidents. When that happens, it is best to bring them to the professionals for jewelry repair in Tulsa, OK. In this situation, choosing a knowledgeable and reputable jeweler is just as important as choosing the perfect piece of jewelry. There are various qualifications that you need to look into when seeking out the right jeweler for you.

Since jewelry repair in Tulsa, OK is far more complicated and requires special skills than most people would think, then it is best to look into different factors before choosing your jeweler. To help you choose the ideal one, below are a few tips and recommendations you can note of:

• Referrals: When choosing a jeweler, it is suggested to get referrals from friends or family. This way, they can let you know about their experience and you will know that they are safe to hire. Once you get the referral, you can call them up and ask them as many questions as you need, especially regarding to their services and repair procedures. If their answers are not satisfying enough for you, then you can always look for others.

• Established Jeweler: You want to look into how long the jeweler has been in business and if they have a good reputation. If they are an established business, they will most likely have several references.

• Knowledgeable: When you are working with a reputable jeweler, he or she should be able to answer any and all of your questions with complete confidence. Knowing that the jeweler has specialized in whatever job you need to get done can assure you that the results will be positive. If the jeweler refuses to answer any of your questions or seems to not be fully knowledgeable in the job, then do not hesitate to walk away.

• Certified Experts: When searching for jewelers for your jewelry repair, you want to make sure that they are certified with education from institutions and associations such as the American Gem Society (AGS), Gemological Institute of America (GIA), American Watchmakers Association (AWA), Jewelers of America, among others.

• Wide Array of Services: A respected jeweler can offer you a wide array of services to choose from, whether your ring needs a resizing or if you need stone replacement. Not only should they offer you a variety of services, but they need to provide you with quality work as well.

• Full Picture of Repair Job: Before starting the repair job, try to see if the jeweler can provide pictures to show you how the piece will be repaired. If your piece requires something to be added, then the jeweler can draw you a picture of the end results.

• Prices: You want the repair prices to be quoted to you based on the price of the book and not based on the jeweler’s memory or judgment. While expensive services may not always guarantee you the finest quality, a cheap one is not that good since as well since they will be using inexpensive materials for your repairs.

• Warranties and Returns: If you are in need of jewelry repair, you want to be protected with warranty just in case something happens. Ask your chosen jeweler if they can cover all possible bases and make sure to fully understand the jeweler’s warranty and return policy if they offer it.