Ways to Identify Real Silver Jewelry From The Fake Ones

Despite the fact that gold is the standard choice of the market, people still realize the prominence and magnificence of shiny metal jewelry. Whether it is rings, necklace, or bracelet or earrings, adorning offers a simple yet rich look. If you want to buy Wholesale Silver Jewelry, then you have to carefully examine your piece as there are a lot of fake pieces available in the market as well. So how will you identify real silver from the fake one? While some tips are easier to execute, some, on the other hand, would require you to make an extra effort. However, by testing your jewelry by the following ways you can ensure that the piece you adorn is beautiful and real.

Look for ‘Sterling’ or ‘925’ Mark

Real sterling metal is stamped with “sterling or the purity number 925 or 9.25. When you are out to Buy Wholesale Silver Jewelry. Typically on necklaces, bracelets, and anklets, this hallmark is found on the claps. On wholesale silver rings, it is inside the band.

Test the Purity Through Acid

Merely looking out of the stamp may not be sufficient to identify real silver. You can also take a nitric acid test to filter out the real deal. Take the silver piece and lightly scratch on it and then apply a couple of drop of nitric acid. The real silver will turn the liquid green and if the piece is sterling silver the liquid would turn cloudy grey.

Rub It

Use a white soft cloth and rub onto the item and then examine the cloth. If the cloth has black marks then you have a real piece in your hand because real silver tarnishes and oxidized when exposed to air.

Let your Eyes Examine it

When you are buying Wholesale Silver jewelry, it is almost impossible to examine each piece from your naked eyes, but it can prove helpful. Examine the colour of the silver rings you are buying. A real material typically comes with a cool tone and doesn’t shine as much as silver plated materials.

These were some of the ways to ensure that wholesale silver sterling jewelry that you buy are genuine and exquisite.