Unconventional Places To Sell Silver Jewelry

Being confined to the four walls of your store isn’t a good idea. Sometimes you have to reach your customers outside of the enclosed selling space to get more exposure. The retailer limits its outdoor sales jewelry show, exhibitions and fairs.

You are losing on a number of other avenues where jewelry can shine, some of which are below –

1. Salon – People generally pay a visit to the salon for beauty treatments. In the wedding season more often than not, girls and women will book a makeover. They are likely purchasing an accessory that matches their attire. Ask them to try your sterling silver earrings. They wouldn’t mind buying a pair which heighten their style quotient.

2. Home Parties – Any place can become a store will a classy display and a buying atmosphere. Whether it’s your son’s birthday or housewarming party, you can incorporate shelves that showcase your best designs. Invite your associates, friends, old schools and college friends to a party. Keep a few sales reps to handle the sterling silver earrings. Make sure everyone is enjoying the process. People in high spirit are more willing to spend money.

3. Sweet Shops – Here we are connecting all the dots. What do the sweets and jewelry have in common? Both are used to either celebrate festivals or happiness on achieving a milestone. It’s common to gift jewelry on wedding, engagement, birthday, anniversaries, etc. You can increase your sales by mildly surprising people looking forward to visiting a jewelry store after buying the sweet.

4. Concerts – You don’t have to travel all the way to California and attend Coachella. Search for a popular band in your local area, collaborate with them. Also, you can check out the upcoming events in the city and if they allow jewelry selling.

As per the type sterling silver jewelry you sell, choose the concert with a crowd matching your buyer’s persona. Set up a booth or merchandise table near the place that’s easily visible. Decorate your space as much as you can to attract the attention of the walkers.

5. Carnivals – People go to carnivals for exploring their inner child. Along with the children they are full of adults. You too can create games with a few lucky draws. For example – In an Easter carnival, having multiple boxes (in shape of an egg) with only one containing a semiprecious gemstone. Rest of the box will have colourful stones. After the contestants have played the game, give them a discount coupon valid for a short duration. The people might like to turn the loose stone into sterling silver rings.

6. Participate in a Charity – Nothing is better than working for a noble cause. The process is a bit similar to the above.

Attend a local charity event.

Collect the list of donors.

Offer them a small giveaway such as a silver charm and also a coupon.

The donors will come to your store in the coming days for benefits themselves with the discounts. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

7. Ask Influencers To Wear Your Jewelry – A celebrity endorsement is not every brand’s cup of tea. For a small store owner, a person who has a strong influence on their local community can, however, make a difference. You can run a campaign inviting influencers from your area to promote your jewelry. On successfully converting a lead that came from their channel, offer them a profit. In can be in the form of free products or monetary gain which is a certain percent of your profit.