Sterling Silver Jewelry is The New Gold in The Fashion Industry

Having witnessed the growing trend of sterling silver jewelry, it makes me wonder time and again why women and girls of all age groups prefer to buy silver ornaments over lustrous yellow metal, i.e. Gold. Gone are the days when gold was synonymous with jewelry. But now times have significantly changed and silver has taken the fashion accessories industry by storm. There are several wholesale sterling silver jewelry companies cropping up every year and struggling to mark their presence in the stiff competition.

As the demand for wholesale silver jewelry has grown by leaps and bounds, it’s important to know why it is now preferred over other trusted metals like gold and platinum. You will be surprised to know that a pure form of silver is brittle but when it is doped with copper to make an alloy which is called sterling silver. It can be replicated in several designs which are comparatively challenging to do in other metals. With the availability of stunning patterns and styles, wholesale sterling silver firms are now experiencing huge profits as they’re often approached by resellers, wholesale silver rings, and jewelry owners to buy accessories in bulk at genuine factory prices. It’s not just the availability of interesting and innovative designs which makes the wearer swoon over silver ornaments, but its quality of being cost-effective is something that makes it bang for your bucks. While gold is a precious metal and costs you an arm and a leg, silver costs less and can be easily affordable even by college-going girls.

In addition, wholesale sterling silver jewelry is widely available online and offline. Each store offers lucrative discount offers so that exporters and resellers can buy accessories in bulk at reasonable costs. But, as there are a few suppliers that hoodwink their buyers and dupe them by charging high prices for low-quality products, the customers or boutique jewelry owners must be always on guard. They should never fall prey to such fraudsters and buy wholesale sterling silver ornaments from a reliable manufacturer or wholesalers who have been serving in this industry for quite a long time. Before placing an order, it’s wise to always have a keen look at the samples first so that you know the quality of products the suppliers are offering.

The market for wholesale silver jewelry is humongous. It is replete with the accessories designed by experienced artisans and craftsmen. The best part of silver is that you need not put it into a locker every time to save yourself from theft or burglary. The fear of theft comes with a jewelry article made up of gold but it doesn’t happen with the silver rings, necklaces, bangles, pendant, and earrings. They can be worn to accentuate the style of the outfit whether it is ethnic or something trendy or modern. On the other hand, gold looks good when it’s worn on Indian traditional dresses like saree, salwar kameez, or lehenga choli. On the contrary, silver articles can up your style quotient even if you have adorned a western outfit.

Now since you know why silver is preferred over gold. It’s time for you to add these dainty sparkling items to your jewelry casket!