Four Tips For Selling Silver Jewelry at Jewelry Shows And Exhibitions

Being a precious jewelry exhibitor is a challenge. When buying cheap trinket buyers don’t give much thought it. They simply look at the design and pick one that suits their personal style. To become an exhibitor the jewelers have to pay a large sum for the booking. Sometimes they even have to outsource a representative for the selling at the exhibition. To benefit from display at the show their total profit at the show must surpass the expenditure of setting up the booth.

Here are some tips you increase your silver jewelry sales at jewelry shows and exhibition –

1. Entertain Your Guest – From the moment a visitor comes to your booth, you must be proactive. Not being alert at the times people are walking in front of the booth is a signal of your lack of motivation to sell jewelry. At show & exhibition, people follow the herd mentality. The huge number of a booth to explore they find it difficult to filter the best stall. When they see a crowd gathering around, it quickly catches their attention.

A little courtesy can be helpful in attracting the walker towards your jewelry. Politely greet the people who are looking at your Silver Rings for Women. If they don’t ask you the price, start a conversation by asking them the type of jewelry they are looking for.

In this way, a visitor will stay longer on your booth It gives you more time to show your product to people. For example, You are selling silver jewelry for women. Female customers who find your design appealing might buy your jewelry after landing at your booth.

2. Don’t Forget the Contact Details – It’s vital to collect the contacts of the people who have admired your jewelry. A visitor asking for the prices, your manufacturing process, the amount of time it takes to deliver the order, etc. is definitely a potential future prospect.

Writing a strong lead to these people can turn them into your customers. Sending them a follow-up and occasional mail about the new products at your store is a surefire to increasing sales. For that, you need their contact details.

Ask the people to give your business card. If they don’t have a card, write their name, address and phone number in their dairy.

3. Capture the Precious Moment – Today the user-generated content about a brand is trusted more by the people than the promotional content. Rather than the celebrity, people believe in commoners endorsing the products. Capture the moments when the buyers are happily completing their purchase. The actual reaction of delighted buyers without any gratification is, in fact, the best content marketing you will ever create.

4. Follow-Ups – Closing the lead requires consistent efforts. You need to send a perfectly warm email. Address the person with his / her name. Even when you don’t hear from the person on the other end, be patient & keep sending special deals, discounts and new design detail. Always include a standard signature at the bottom. If someone responded to your email, reply to them as soon as possible. It’s easier to persuade people to Buy Silver Jewelry Online in a newsletter.