Bohemian Jewelry – What is it?

The Origins

It represents that same spirit – freedom and individuality.Bohemian jewelry is unique and though it may contain patterns, it’s not a strict symmetry. Beads or pieces of different hues, shapes, sizes, etc. keep it a free and unrestricted pattern. This is the key and core of boho style; unique self-expression and artistry.

The first trend featuring boho jewelry was the 60s and 70s, when the hippies began to express their personal style in a natural way. But, this style has made a comeback with many celebrities beginning to purchase and showcase stunning pieces in this distinctive, different style.

How It’s Styled

The boho style is connected to nature and the natural. Thus, pieces most often turn out thick, heavy, and textured. Some might even describe them as chunky.

The most popular of all Bohemian pieces are the long necklaces. Closely following in popularity would be the bracelets, pendants and boho earrings. Rings aren’t a common bohemian piece, as they are normally a more delicate item. However, some rings are made using tumbled stones or other larger, irregularly shaped items.True Bohemian jewelry – be it a necklace or boho earrings – is always hand crafted. This contributes to the great uniqueness of each piece. When handcrafted, the elements of each work can be inspired by the individual’s ideas and experiences. They are normally a creative and expressive outlet for the artisan. Wearing boho jewelry is one of the most interesting and unique ways to express your own personal style because it does not adhere to traditional beauty and jewelry standards.


The most used elements in this style (though there are no limitations!) would be: shells or corals, turquoise or other marbled stones, amber, stone, polished wood, unusually shaped pearls, leather, wire (normally copper or sterling silver), bone or carved wood, and beads of any natural material. A Bohemian piece can use any of the above and more in any combination, depending on the artist and the personality of the person who will be wearing it.

True Bohemian Style

Boho jewelry fits into the general Bohemian style, which includes skirts, shirts, and any other clothing item. Its focus is often on flowing fabric, unique style, and natural, muted colors, and can be most any combination that feels good to the wearer or designer.

Where to Find It

Most real Bohemian jewelry and boho earrings may not be found in a normal jewelry store. As this style is so focused on uniqueness, it would be difficult for a factory or large company to produce authentically Bohemian pieces. The best places to look are online stops or at local markets, where handcrafted pieces will be dominate.

The selection will vary from artist to artist, providing a truly different shopping and wearing experience.