Midi skirt for the Autumn

The Midi skirt is called the queen of autumn – perfectly fits in every female wardrobe. Medium length skirts in copying the style of the 40s and 70s of the XX century patterns can be several – tight like a pencil, trapeze, pleated or flared.

The length also varies – from knee to mid-calf and below, the last two hidden danger aged woman. The designers advise the figure to choose the exact model sex because of the failure proportions will make your look dull and unattractive. The length of the skirt should not exceed the widest part of the calf because your legs will look full. For shorter women suitable length just over the knee.

Midi skirt is suitable for all occasions:

  •    Office combine a classic shirt and jewelry
  •    Leisure playful colorful dress shirt, vest and great retro necklace;
  •     For evening events or salt put pleat style Hollywood star.

Midi skirt is very capricious shoes:

  • ballet shoes did not fit, because too earth the figure;
  • trapezoidal skirt has a very feminine shoe with average current.
  • pencil-skirt is a perfect platform shoes, loafers with heels.
  • Avoid wearing large boots, because the figure seems cumbersome and heavy.