Jeans suitable for your figure


The jeans are part of the basic wardrobe because they are stylish, comfortable and practical. Designers meet the undying passion Indigo Pants offering several patterns depending on the type figure.
Here’s how to navigate:
A-shape: narrow shoulders, narrow waist, wide hips
Models will fit boyfriend’s faded vertical lines visually narrow legs and thighs.
X-shape, the breast is equal to the volume of the hips, hipster
Suitable jeans with any cut, but better choose those with lycra underlining or model forms “skin”. You can experiment with colors.
O-shape: not-well-defined waist, big belly, rounded hips, slender legs
Buy jeans with a high waist. Often, women with such a figure faced with the problem that the pants fit well, but it will not fit in the waist. Try making jeans from dense fabric without spandex. The wide waist belt will look more elegant. Avoid bright colors.
Diamond-shape: narrow shoulders and hips, big belly, slender legs
Measure from the waist jeans wide in the hips and loose around the hips. Well, there will be an emphasis on models with large front and back pockets.
Inverted A-shape: the shoulders are wider than your hips
You should kidnap attention from broad shoulders and hips to increase the visual. You’d better stay jeans in bright colors, scratches, white stripes and any decorative elements. Test models that are made to the hips, and down slightly expand.