How to Wear Clothes?

Clothing are now made in various methods and styles. Each of these different forms of dresses are designed to fit the different types of body shape that we have. The final aim that is fully considered is for the kind of style to be flattering on the body.

Being able to wear clothes correctly and appropriately starts with being able to understand your type of body shape. A cloth that will suit one type of a body shape may not suit another. It is then good not to try to compare yourself with any other type of person. What is fitting on that person may never be fitting on you because the two of you have different body shapes.

 In case you are the type of woman that loves to cover up your body shape by wearing a dress that is over size, you will need to reconsider your decision, it is surely clear to every on looker that the dress does not have any fitting on you. No matter what your body shape is, you will need to learn to accept it as it is and then seek to dress it up to look your best.
Once you accept yourself, you then should take the next step of getting dresses that will be fitting on you. Put on dresses that will show your curves and that will show your womanhood appropriately. You however will need to be careful not to make the attire too tight so as not to pass the wrong information to people around
To be able to look fitted in your dress, you will need to wear clothing that will give emphasis to your best features. A slim belt will go well on someone with a slim waist. A sleeveless dress will look great on someone with great and fresh looking arms. V-neck, fitted skirt and belted shirt are the best type of materials an individual with an hour glass body shape. While making your choice of dress anyway, any thing that will unnecessarily show off certain parts of your body should be avoided, you will not like to give people a very bad understanding about yourself.

If you know you have the kind of stomach you won’t like people to take too much notice of, you can wear a v-neck shirt. It will give you a slimming look.

If a pear shaped person wants to hide part of her heavy hips, she can as well wear a full skirt that goes some distance below the knees. She can also go for a wide legged trouser.
You will also need to be careful about the type of color you choose. You will need to mix your colors too carefully so as not to appear color-blinded