How to Wear a Winter Scarf?

As the name depicts, a winter scarf is a kind of fashion accessory that is designed mainly for the purpose of being worn in the winter. There are various designs and makes of scarves that we have these days. Each of these scarves has their own purpose for which they are designed. There are some of these fashion accessories that can be used in any kind of weather; be it winter or summer, but the winter scarf is a kind of women fashion accessory that bears the name of the season for which it is specially designed.

It is a kind of scarf that is thickly made so as to be able to keep off the cold and hard biting wind of the winter. Equipped with this winter scarf, you can be confident enough to be able to conveniently wage a winning war against the winter wind and come back home unscathed.

Women had been able to add some touch of great fashion show to the use of this fashion accessory. Even when it is being worn in the winter, a lot of fashion and style can be out into how the winter scarf is worn. This women fashion accessory had gone beyond just a garment that you can drape around your neck or thrown over your shoulder, it had become classy and trendy attire on its own.

If you want to wear your winter scarf you can get that done by first folding the long winter scarf in half first and then drape it around your neck. You can now gather the two loose ends of the scarf and push the two of them into the loop formed by the draped winter scarf. You can be sure that you would have successfully won the battle against the winter atmospheric condition by this extra way of using the fashion accessory.

You can also drape the long winter scarf around your neck with the two edges at your back, cross them again and bring them to the front. You can turn it to a Turtleneck by tying the two ends at the front into a knot and raise up the one draped around the neck after flattening the knot you made earlier.

You can as well tie a knot at one end of the long winter scarf, after this push the other end through the knot and adjust it to please your desire, your desire can as well be determined by how cold or warm the day is. While using this method anyway, be careful not to allow any one to pull the scarf around your neck as this may leave you a hanged man (or is it a hanged woman?)