Fashion Trends: Back to 50s

The transition from autumn to winter wardrobe this year is smooth and seemingly unnoticed. Many autumn trends found new expression in winter fashion. We reserve the basic colors and introduces several new ones. The prints did not come down from the catwalk, but in actual dresses and skirts back 50 years ago.

Outerwear. Leave classic coats aside and reach for a stand capes. Warm, beautiful, protect from wind and cold, stylish and varied – a worthy replacement for winter jacket. Baroque motifs. Embroidery, gold thread, large buttons, strings of stones – through their art designers seeking opulence and splendor of the Baroque time and also introduce models successfully.

The new red this season derivatives Bordeaux colors found expression, with emphasis on femininity and romance. The suit again returning classic fashion costumes, this time with an American flavor, expressed in English and pants patterns that we find in the box.

Accentuated waist and perfect womanhood – that offer dresses and skirts inspired by distant 50 years of XX century.
The skin colors whether natural or synthetic, the skin will shine on the windows in a variety of colors – do not be surprised by anything: bright green, pink, yellow – limit the imagination and not fashion.