Fashion secrets from the Red Carpet

Have you ever thought why the red carpet almost no woman that does not shine more than flashes of photographers all present? What are the secrets of celebrities, helping them to look stunning? View our gallery here.
1. Do not be afraid to experiment with colors
As it is tempting to rely only on black color because never goes out of fashion and also makes us look weak and delicate, it is not the key to the perfect look. It is important to know which color suits us most: warm colors (red and coral) go to brunettes and redheads ladies, pastel colors for blondes, metal (gold and silver) are ideally suited to all women, regardless of color their hair and skin.
2. Balance is a key element in the foundation of aesthetics
Sometimes the dress or outfit themselves sufficiently effective and do not require additional decorations and accessories (a mistake that many women allowed). Strapless dress as it can be worn with a great bracelet, necklace or pair of earrings, but not all at once. Monochromatic dresses suggest jewelry that make up the color uniformity. It’s all a matter of personal taste, but also the aesthetic approach.
3. Dresses and still under age
Surely you’ve heard it said that a woman should dress according to their age. In most cases it is, but let’s remember Scarlett Johansson for example – young and beautiful, still in his 20s, prefers classic Hollywood style – blond hair, elegant dresses, bright red lips … When a woman dressed as an older, feels much more confident and sexy.
4. Spectacular style
Sometimes devote so much time on her outfit that totally forget about your hair, but it can ruin even the type most beautiful woman in the most glamorous dress. You do not have to spend all day in the salon to pick hairstyle, but it’s good to have a preliminary idea of ??what would have suited our style, the dress and the shape of our face. Everything else is in the hands of specialists.